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Cooling Tower TSB

Product Code:  TSB

Price:  Liên hệ

Warranty:  18 months

Cooling towers TSB 
1.  Tower shell against corrosion  
Tower shell, nozzle wind, water tanks, tower basin are composed of corrosion resistant fiberglass, the iron bar fixed with zinc plating coated, absolutely no rust sorrow will be lightning-time use , maintenance costs extremely low. 
2.  Cooling plate    
Specially designed with functional distribution of water, cooling, made of PVC, rolled into the rolling waves, effect cooling water heat, high efficiency cooling. 
3.  Propeller    
Designed especially with the speed dial feature slowly but reached a low noise, adjustable wind needs necessary equipment, aluminum alloy material, the wings and wheels balanced mutual fans, the return and drain the wind brought back in sync with the clock, makes agreement with the wind, thus reducing the power consumption, speed dial quiet, low vibration transfer, large wind, the weatherSave energy. 
4.  Engine system   
Through rational design, safety indicators, such as motor system engine is specially designed waterproof, simple structure, process sophistication, moving the gears, simple, easy maintenance and maintenance costs for engines is low, but it sure is calculated capacity of the engine. 
5.  Empire tank    
Designed specifically for water, limit the time to periodically check by the contaminants in the outside links, facilitate the cooling tower hygiene. 
6.  Water Systems   
Designed in the form of low pressure spray, spray pipe holes are not susceptible to large stagnant water, distributed water regularly. 
7.  Broken water radiator    
Specially designed with PVC material, low wind drag force, reduce water losses, number of magnets. 
8.  Equipment protecting    
Water basin can reduce sound equipment installation, reducing the free water droplets while operating equipment. 
9.  Area Installation    
Cooling towers have square shapes, they can connect to each other when in need of large capacity, the percentage of occupied area of the cooling tower square smaller than the traditional round tower, suitable for building or position of the narrow area. 
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