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Cooling Tower TSC

Product Code:  TSC

Price:  Liên hệ

Warranty:  18 months

cooling tower TSC
FEATURES cooling towers TSC 
FRP shell tower 
Tower shell using fiberglass materials, characteristics of the material is compact, stainless clay, not aging, corrosion resistant, waterproof, long lasting, life long. 

TSC cooling tower shaped oval, compact, does not occupy an area, optionally with the direction you wish. 
2. Vacuum tank shell that can help with shell tower FRP 
Companies take advantage of specific features of fiberglass stainless clay, not aging, corrosion resistant, waterproof design that help cover the foot bath using FRP materials, materials not susceptible to rust iron clay, aging, increased duration of use..
3.First spray 
Spray head is designed with features low water pressure, the rotation clockwise, the core spray with stainless steel materials, combined with your belongings, low friction, thus creating advantages should allow unnecessary the use of plate dissipation, reducing water losses very low. TSC - TSC 3RT ~ - 30RT spray used by the ABS material; TSC - 40RT using aluminum alloy materials. Rotate the spray head thrust out of the water sprayed by the spray holes of the pipe line ladies, are divided on the distribution of surface cooling, achieving efficiency in heat exchangers, high speed rotation of the spray with the return is 2 ~ 23RPM. 
4. Propeller 
Exclusively used for cooling tower. TSC - TSC 3RT ~ - 30RT using ABS material, fixed. TSC - 40RT up using aluminum alloy materials, which can adjust the angle of inclination of the wings, all propellers are balanced calibration, quiet operation, low noise, wing tilt can be adjusted depending to adjust the amount of wind needed to reach optimum capacity. 
5. With reduced speed 
Motor is designed as waterproof, exclusively used for cooling tower. TSC - TSC 3RT ~ - 150RT directly used to operate the motor, TSC - 175RT associated with higher motor speed to decrease with movement, with reduced speed using special processing is sophisticated system of security high use long lasting, low noise, easy maintenance..
6.Cooling plate 
Cooling plate using PVC membrane surface form folded, wavy, not withdrawn, deformation. Maintain standing


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Use motor put out now waterproof, please install the switch protection.

Motor support

                                 aluminum alloy                                            Map motor frame made of zinc plating


                                     ABS                                                                   aluminum alloy 

the reduced rate

                         direct motion index has extreme                                    box reduced

Sprinkler head

                        ABS                                                           aluminum alloy 


Filling PVC

Air inlet mesh

Filling PVC


 tubes made of zinc plating

F.R.P Casing


Filler support

                                         ABS                         F.R.P                      tubes made of zinc plating

Water basin



  F.R.P               tubes made of zinc plating

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