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Cooling Tower TSH

Product Code:  TSH

Price:  Liên hệ

Warranty:  18 months






characteristics of cooling towers TSH 

1.Vo tower is composed of fiberglass, not aging loss, stainless clay, anti-chew worn, free maintenance. Average pheu shape, compact, does not occupy an area, location installation directions that are assembled to be assembled. 

2. TSH - Body 350RT down payment help and other associated tank shells used in fiberglass materials, are not used bar iron support, develop the characteristics of fiberglass stainless clay. 

3. Cooling plate using wood materials against corrosion, withstand high temperatures, stagnant contaminants is not easy, suitable for the environment is alkaline water, high temperature circulating water cooling towers used TSH is selected best. 

4. First spray the clockwise rotation design low water pressure, reinforced by the spraying material stainless steel, mounted with silver bullets, ultra-low friction. 

5. TSH - 175RT or more of motor operation by reducing speed gear, durability, easy maintenance, high efficiency. 

6. All components are processed through plating zinc coated, free maintenance and no corrosion.


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