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Cooling Tower TSS

Product Code:  TSS

Price:  Liên hệ

Warranty:  18 months

FEATURES cooling towers TSS 

1.Vo tower anticorrosion 
Tower shell, nozzle wind, water tanks are composed of corrosion resistant fiberglass, the whole of the cooling tower support bar made of coated zinc plating, absolutely no rust sorrow will be lightning over time using use, maintenance costs extremely low. 

2. Cooling plate 
Specially designed according to the distribution functions, approval of water and heat, which is composed of PVC material, with the waves, it uses a distributed solution is heated to hot water cooling, the solution Results in the heat exchangers. Divided by function, distributed coordination and cooling and nahu should reduce friction, increase the maximum cooling capacity, air pressure is low, reducing water losses and save the number of additional countries. 

3. Optimal capacity, low noise 
Designed especially with the speed dial feature slow, low noise and wind by adjusting the demand needed, use aluminum alloy material, propeller and fan tray balanced each other, the injection and drain the wind brought back in sync with the clock, makes agreement with the wind, work to reduce the power consumption, quiet movement, low-vibration transfer, save big wind, but more Save energy. 

4. Engine system 
Through rational design, safety indicators, such as motor system engine is specially designed waterproof, simple structure, using V belt features high capacity movement. Engine operation quiet, simple operation, easy maintenance, maintenance costs for the engine is low, but increase the capacity of the engine. 

5. Sanitary equipment 
Empire tank configuration election slanted italics, so reducing the time for periodic sanitary tower, the contaminants are running the circus out of line, to benefit the replacement of water. 

6. Water into the 
Depending on the position where we can adjust the direction of, for appropriate equipment and convenient for the construction pipeline, saving time and costs. 

7. Save location 
Cooling tower is a square structure, with a special structure we can connect together in many cooling tower with a capacity greater than, the percentage of occupied area of the square tower are lower than traditional round tower, like for the building or area is limited. 
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